The ADAPTED SPORT LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS SYMPOSIUM (LABS) was established to connect leaders from the adapted sport industry and beyond to collectively advance the adapted sport movement and expand our impact.

LABS aims to shift the energy, narrative, and trajectory of the adapted sports industry so that our athletes are always included in critical sport conversations. We are ready to be part of the important discussions around sport in general, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), leadership development, innovation, and so much more.

LABS will be conducted virtually again in 2021, but we look forward to having the opportunity to gather for an in-person conference in the near future!



LABS aims to be bold in how we think about the future of our industry. Our goal is to change the paradigm of the adapted sports industry to ultimately create more opportunities for athletes with disabilities.



LABS is founded, led by and highly focused on including people with disabilities, bringing lived experience to our mission and programming – a unique distinction from other industry conferences. We are also inclusive of those beyond the adapted sport community to build new connections and extend our reach.



The adapted sport industry will succeed by raising awareness and bringing people together to work toward a common goal of strengthening the adapted sport movement.

LABS provides the opportunity for adapted sport leaders to reach outside our usual networks and connect with key sport brokers and other diverse contacts to build new connections, spark innovative ideas and collaborations, and extend our reach.