LABS aims to be:

Unifying – LABS is focused on unifying the adapted sport industry as one collective group. We acknowledge the importance of bringing in diverse sport brokers and leaders in order to expand the influence and impact of the movement.  

Inclusive – LABS is inclusive of industry leaders beyond the disability community to create new connections and extend our reach to society at large.

Excellence – LABS is focused on providing visionary connect driven by industry leaders from within the movement in addition to best practices from related industries.

The goal of LABS is to provide a platform for a collective conversation on how to advance the adapted sport movement to gain momentum through industry, organizations and individuals.

LABS is where adapted sport leaders come together to elevate and advance our movement.

When: October 1, 2020

Who will attend LABS? LABS looks to have leaders from a variety of sport-related industries attend such as:

  • Adapted sport leaders
  • Disability advocates
  • National governing bodies
  • Host cities
  • Sport program providers
  • Professional associations
  • Sport facilities
  • Granting organizations
  • Equipment manufacturers

LABS also looks to extend and grow the adapted sport network to include sport brokers that may not currently be engaged in the movement.